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Van Tyco và phụ kiện

Van buom Tyco

Đăng ngày 14-05-2015 12:01:12 AM - 1331 Lượt xem Mã sản phẩm: BFV-N lug style
Hãng sản xuất: Tyco
Xuất xứ: China
The TYCO Model BFV-N Lug Style

Butterfly Valves (Ref. Figure 1) are indicating type valves designed for use in fire protection systems where a visual indication is required as to whether the valve is open or closed. They are used,
for example, as system, sectional, and pump water control valves. They are suitable for installation between ANSI Class 125 or 150 flanges without the need for flange gaskets.

For applications requiring supervision of the open position of the valve, the Gear Operators for the Model BFV-N

Butterfly Valves are provided with two sets of factory installed internal switches each having SPDT contacts.

The supervisory switches transfer their electrical contacts when there is movement from the valve’s normal open position during the first two revolutions of the handwheel.
Sizes: ANSI Inches (DN)
2 (DN50), 2-1/2 (DN65), 3 (DN80),
4 (DN100), 5 (DN125), 6 (DN150),
8 (DN200), 10 (DN250), 12 (DN300)
UL and C-UL Listed
FM Approved

California State Fire Marshall under
Listing No. 7770-1670:101

Maximum Working Pressure 250 psi (17,2 bar). For dead end service the maximum pressure is 200 psi (13,8 bar)

Materials of Construction:
Ductile iron conforming to ASTM A536

Ductile iron conforming to ASTM A395, Nickel Plated

Seat Material
Grade EPDM “E” rubber conforming to ASTM D2000

Upper Stem
Type 416 Stainless Steel conforming to ASTM582

Gear operator with iron housing


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