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Van Tyco và phụ kiện

DV-5 - Van ngập tràn

Đăng ngày 16-03-2015 11:24:04 PM - 1278 Lượt xem Mã sản phẩm: DV-5
Hãng sản xuất: Tyco
Xuất xứ: Israel
The TYCO 1-1/2 thru 8 inch (DN40 thru DN200), DV-5 Deluge Valves are diaphragm type valves designed for vertical or horizontal installation and for fire protection system service. They are used as automatic water control valves in deluge, preaction, and special types of fire protection systems such as foam-water and double interlock systems. When properly trimmed, the DV-5 Valves are also able to provide actuation of fire alarms upon system operation.

UL and C-UL Listed for hydraulically
calculated systems, and FM Approved,
when trimmed per the following Technical Data Sheets:

Deluge Systems:
TFP1310 -Wet Pilot Actuation
TFP1315 -Dry Pilot Actuation
TFP1320 -Electric Actuation
Single Interlock Preaction Systems:
TFP1410 -Wet Pilot Actuation*
TFP1415 -Dry Pilot Actuation*
TFP1420 -Electric Actuation

*UL and C-UL only

Double Interlock Preaction Systems:
TFP1460 -Electric/Pneumatic
TFP1465 -Electric/Electric

Deluge Valve
Components for the 1-1/2 thru 8 inch (DN40 thru DN200), DV-5 Del uge Valves are shown in Figure 1. The DV-5 Valves are for vertical or horizontal installations, and they are rated for use at a
maximum service pressure of 250 psi (17,2 bar ).

The take-out dimensions are shown in Figure 3, and the flanged connections are available drilled per ANSI, ISO, AS, and JIS specifications (Ref. Table A).
Threaded port connections of the DV-5 Valves are available NPT threaded or threaded per ISO 7/1 as detailed in the Ordering Procedure section. Valves with NPT threaded ports will readily
accept the trim arrangements detailed in Technical Data Sheets referenced under “Approvals”


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